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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bringing Blogger Back to Life

As we move into 2014 and continue as a population to create more content exponentially than ever, I've been making an effort to diversify my writing platforms.

Blogger is an obvious choice, though I can't believe how long it's been since I logged in.  My last post was in 2009 and included a YouTube music video of Chris Brown.  What the hell was I thinking?

So I wiped the slate clean and this is my premature New Years Resolution to start utilizing Blogger more in my storytelling. 

Even though it's been about 6 months since Google Plus has been integrated with Blogger, this is my first hands-on interaction with it.  And I have to say - I love it.  Not just because I am a fan of Google products/apps/search in general, but... um... ok, so I guess it's because I am a fan of Google in general.  If you've never been on Google Plus, then I highly suggest you take a moment to create a profile right now.

The only thing it lacks is the quantity of people as Facebook.  Facebook & Twitter are used more - your best friends, cousin, mom, kid and great grandfather probably use it so it's a great way to connect instantly with anyone.  But I'm telling you - if those people took a moment to discover Google +, there would be no more logging in to Facebook.

So with that said, including those features into Blogger is definitely going to make my efforts to blog on this site a lot more easy.

So here it is.  Short and sweet.  My re-birth into Blogger.  More to come soon!